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name given to the vagina of a catholic nun.
It's dam hot and i am as dry as a NUNS NASTY.
by MrMopar August 11, 2011
A small flightless bird native of New Zealand, also a name given to anyone born in New Zealand, which is located Just right to Australia, in fact they are like Australia's little snot nosed brother. Australia and New Zealand have fought hard against each other on the sporting field and even harder together as allies in times of conflict, together they are unbeatable, together they are stoic, together they are one, together they are the ANZACS (despite the under arm bowling, which Dougie Walters proved was an easy hit ).

Aussies don't like being called kiwis and Kiwis don't like to be called Aussies. But when push comes to shove, they will stand shoulder to shoulder with the Southern cross above them.

If you talk to a kiwi you will note that they have 1 less vowel than everyone else. They can't say fish, its fush, they can't say six, its sux, they can't say chips, its chups, they are not from NZ, they are from UnZed.
An Aussie is driving in New Zealand and notices someone shagging a sheep by the roadside. The Aussie stops and says 'hey mate, over in Oz we shear them', The kiwi stops, looks up indignantly and says 'Im not sharing her with no-one cuz'.
by MrMopar July 23, 2014
jihad is a muslims or muso's version of a can of whoop ass.. It is used to describe the intensity of physical violence that will be unleashed. In theory an infidel could open only 1/2 a can of whoop ass and regulate the intensity or even leave some of it unused. But a jihad only comes in whole complete units and once unleashed must be used in its entirety.
I swear if that infidel doesn't start respecting my faith I'm gonna Jihad all over his ass...
by MrMopar August 16, 2011
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