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3 definitions by MrDallasMan

From the movie After School Special, referring to a man of long penile proportions.
Bill is totally packing Balls McLongcock.
by MrDallasMan February 05, 2008
A female that will makeout, tease, allow hands on the breasts and crotch, grinding, fondling, and touching, but no penetration. Typically this category of female doesn't consider giving head to actually be sex.
Jim: I went out with Karen last night
Friend: Did you score?
Jim: No, I've got blue balls. She's such a makeout slut.
by MrDallasMan February 05, 2008
Similar to the urban cougar, however this female is asian.
Friend: Check out that asian woman picking up that young guy!
Jim: She's totally a bengal tiger
by MrDallasMan February 05, 2008