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What somebody may say when they don't wanna say "Bull-shit", or anything like that.
Guy1: You know Justin Bieber?
Guy2: Yeah, what about him?
Guy1: He won the Artist of the Year award the other day.
Guy2: What?! That's such bull-to-the-junkie.
by MrCybrody January 10, 2011
A person, usually a male, who goes around on xbox LIVE harassing people for no reason. Tin Cans use nooby tactics to "win". In reality they don't win, and they have no skill whatsoever.
Guy 1: Man, you know that tin can we met on Black Ops?
Guy 2: Yeah, he was stupid. He died more times than he got kills too!
Guy 1: Yeah, he needs to get a life.
by MrCybrody January 07, 2011

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