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3 definitions by MrBubbles

The act of failing; as to not achieve a desire goal/dream.

Used in many forums, as a way of saying that particular person is a true failure to human kind or some other put down related insult.
"Your parents phailed." = Your parents
did not raise you correctly, or taught you wrong.

"You phailed at life, hang yourself." Self-explanatory.
by MrBubbles September 27, 2004
461 166
To live with someone during childhood.
Rush didnt grow up with the who.
by MRBUBBLES December 13, 2004
4 3
a 1920's defintion of a quickie. They last only a few minutes.
"Damn...i got my hands on the hottie with da nice rack...she was all 4 the flop, homes!"
by MrBubbLes March 01, 2004
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