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To just barely miss the intended goal. To make a mistake, but being very close to actually achieving the intended objective.
I wiffed the shot - it hit the post of the goal.

I wiffed question three on the exam. I forgot to carry the one in the math.

The sniper just wiffed the tin can with his bullet.
by Mr.Timber June 12, 2012
A spike strip used to impede or stop the movement of a vehicle by puncturing the tires. Spikes, pointing upwards, are affixed to a pipe or rail. As the vehicle rolls over the spikes, they are punctured.
The police deployed the stinger to stop the criminal in the stolen car.
by Mr.Timber October 31, 2011
A drug addiction. Usually refers to an addiction to an illegal drug. Most likely derived from 'drug habituation.'
"Pappa was a rolling stone, momma developed a habit." - Eminem's Mockingbird

A nun with a habit told me we all have our vices.
by Mr.Timber February 15, 2012

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