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A fighting game made for Japanese audiences, currently this is also one of it's most popular ones. Based on the eroge/hentai game (depending on the version), Tsukihime , this fighter made by French Bread (and Type-Moon itself for ReAct and after) has a fighting system similar to a simiplified Guilty Gear but with a tighter gap for air combos and the shield being a parry/super counter.

While the main story is that Shiki Tohno, the lead role of Tsukihime and original sayer of "a cat is fine too" , must help the heroine Sion from turning into a vampire, this is unknown to most who haven't played it outside of the arcade since the story is replaced by a typical "powerful being gets bored" follow-up.

"This is Melty Blood, one of the examples that anime/doujin games do not have to suck."
by Mr.Simmons October 13, 2006
A slighty advanced fighting move where you usually shift your hip to side as if doing a side kick use your standing leg in order to move your hips downward while releasing the kick to do a staggering kick to the face.

"Not as good as it looks, a heel kick is used mostly for defensive fights.
by Mr.Simmons October 28, 2006
1.A small hand axe sometimes with a triangle-shaped edge to deepen the wound. Known as a juggalo's best weapon by ICP fans, this is also made popular in Japan by Rena, the lead villian/murderer of the first and fifth arc of Higurashi no Naru Koro Ni or "When The Cicidas Cry".
"I'm so going to make a hatchet for halloween!"

Net troll: Close the hatchet!
Net expert: Then you'll have a pretty big hole in your chest. =_=

Rena: I will never forgive her for tellling them! *pounds person in question with the side of the hatchet*
by Mr.Simmons October 13, 2006
A japanese mispronociation of "the world". Made famous by the Mudah flash video that shows a reversed version of Dio Brando from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's Time Freeze to Knife Throw to Steam Roller drop to time resume combo.
Da Warudo! *freezes time*
by Mr.Simmons October 15, 2006

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