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Term used to describe a joke that has been killed, or done to death, as in not funny anymore because it is older than the internet.
This came about from the Toronto Prelude Club web board forums, where a user by the alias "Overdrive" consistently posts jokes that are so tired, the baby boomers were using them when they were kids.
Maaaaan, that joke is so Overdriven.

or in the context of forum use;

this thread is Overdriven.
by Mr.Mischief November 29, 2006
Used by someone who is undoubtedly homosexual to signify approval of another homosexual.

Essentially, it is one of the many ways gay men express approval and affection for each other.
OMG!!! Your new profile pic is Swagalastic! <3
by mr.mischief November 21, 2013

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