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2 definitions by Mr.EJones

To accquire a form of public or private hire transport for free
"Bollocks, it would seem that a night out in bury wasnt the best of plans, i have no money to return home"
" Fuck me, you badmong, we'll jib a taxi"

"How do suggest we get to the grand valley of altrincham?"
"Dunno, Jib the met? Its only 18 stops"

by Mr.EJones December 21, 2008
19 20
1.Someone who decides to stay in all the time/pussy out of everything when it getss grim.
2.A person who is easily manipulated, but is a complete utter twat.
He got a taxi home again? What a willow
Wideyed chap 1: You probably shouldnt paint that lion.
Wideyed chap 2: Fuck you, whats connor gonna do? Hes a complete willow.
by Mr.EJones January 11, 2009
6 31