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The Willika=The Stuff. Fat, retarted, but friggin hilarious. Known for tellin all the good jokes. Also has about a billion ladies. Overall, a major PIMP.
When Willika told his pencils jokes to my g/f, she dumped me to screw him. Ah well, he's one cool dude.
by Mr.Cool January 06, 2005
a term used by hardcore gangstas to describe a black man who lays it too heavy with the gold, diamonds, cars, and gangsta talk
"I am gonna go shoot that clown n*gga*, and show him how its like in the east side, foo"
by Mr.Cool November 13, 2003
as described by snoop dogg when explaining to Jimmy Kimmel, as "A Ho, with a Big Butt" see "Ho"
That hoochie has been running through my mind all day
by Mr.Cool November 13, 2003
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