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the place full of water that you sit in and may excrete.
Robert: Im going for a bath

Dave: dont forget your zebra

Robert: hey my nip nips are erect

Dave: Wow!
by Mr. Wibble April 26, 2008
The penis of a monkey...
Mike: Hey is that a monkey penis?

John: Yeah.
by Mr. Wibble April 26, 2008
its what you say when your bum is to big.
Huge Bum Man: My Bum Is To Big.
by Mr. Wibble April 27, 2008
Its when you poo in a bag therfor creating a bag of poo otherwise known as poo in a bag. you can place other objects in this poo like pizza or shells.
Faggot Face: My poo in a bag has babybells in it.

Little Old Woman: Ewww.
by Mr. Wibble April 26, 2008
crusty banana fluff is when you grind up cornflakes into little pieces and sprinkle it up your bum.
Jesus: please can someone lick up my crusty banana fluff?

Graham Norton: i can take care of that.
by Mr. Wibble May 01, 2008

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