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A member of the douchebag family in the subculture class 'Hipster'. A Hipster Douche is typically found at fan conventions, tattoo conventions and weirdy bars in major metro areas. Like standard douchbags the Hipster douche maintains several cookie cutter tattoos on their arms chest or legs. Hispter Doucebags commonly wear dark colors, punker apparel, biker apparel, fake rim glasses, black kangol or army cap hats, chains and studs on clothing.

Sometimes found in the company of ameture porn stars in the "alt" porn industry.

Hobby and social interests of the Hipster douche seem to be made up of rock porn, adult swim cartoons, altporn, fan cons, ameture burlesque shows, motorcycles, and 50's era urban art revivalism as these represent aspects that attract certain social classes the Hipster douche desires to be part of.

Hipster douchebags represent a crossover of traditional douchebaggery to sectors of the subculture in the areas of hipsters, punkers, bikers and retro subculture revivalism.
As traditional douchebags are finding it hard to remain in just one area of culture.

Some aspects of the hipster douchebag that are alike to all douchebags:

1. Inherited wealth

2. exploitation or over steriotypical representation of the cultural framework they are emulating rather than honest expressions of self.

3. Heavy drinking

4. Sexism

The most common examples of Hipster Douches in the United States can be found in Philadelphia, PA, Manchester, NH and Los Angelis, CA.
Graham is such a Hipster Douche.
by Mr. SnowmanPants April 19, 2011
-Millennial or Millennials

A media popularized term for a generation of people born in western culture who came to adulthood in the early 21st century.

Often confused for being tech savvy or capable in life skills, millennials are more often incapable with life skills that earlier generations are commonly more adept at, such as changing car tires, filling out paperwork, hooking up entertainment centers or reading usage agreements and contracts on websites and smart phone apps before agreeing to them.

Millennials are more often only functional with contemporary front end usage of modern technology while being confused and incapable with more practical applications and the service of hardware.

A small minority of Millennials with inherited wealth gave rise to the "gig" or "shared" economy bubble. Much of the perception of millennials centers around this minority among the generation who attain great wealth from crowd funding, confidence scam investments and inheritances that are soon squandered on unsustainable and impractical business models.

The Millennials are for the most part very deficient in common life skills, sustainability and practical capability.
I just saw a Millennial trying to change a tire and add oil to his car. He gave up after dumping transmission fluid in the oil intake and trying to jack his fender until it crumpled.
by Mr. SnowmanPants June 03, 2016
The sisterly bond that is formed when two or more females have sex with the same male, thus making them "sausage sisters'.
Amber and Viki both had sex with roy, that makes them sausage sisters.
by Mr. SnowmanPants June 26, 2011
This is a form of "meme busting" where you interrupt a person about to have their photo taken by a friend or their cam set to auto while they are planking. Most commonly this interruption is in the form of spanking that persons ass rather hard with with a paddle or other blunt object.

Throwing water on the person is also a hilarious way to "spank their plank".

It is important to remember to have a friend or your own cam set to auto to take a picture of this while you do it. It is very funny if the victim's own camera or friend taking their picture is also in he shot so you can capture their reaction as well.

There are also ways to plank spank that do not involve contact or soiling the victim such as (but not limited too):

Farting near them

Blowing an air horn

Yelling at them "memes are stupid!"

For more details on methods and finding memes to bust see: meme busting
I just got a great shot of me planking spanking a guy in central park.
by Mr. SnowmanPants July 26, 2011
A phrase coined by pot, artist and activist Justin Thomas La Plante on his blog November 25th 1999.


Digest and create before making waste.

Also applies to love relationships in that a relationship must grow and mature before we waste it with any personal baggage or psycho drama.
That you have wasted your money before buying the supplies needed is not food before feces.

This could have been a good relationship but you put to much of your own crap into it.
by Mr. SnowmanPants April 13, 2011
Quote by poet, artist, activist Justin Thomas La Plante coined on his blog October 12th 2008.


It is better to be sane and live a good life than join the insanity and wasted lives of a perverted and socially self destructive majority.
As I take it, I would rather be part of a sane minority than a damned majority any day. - Quote, La Plante
by Mr. SnowmanPants April 13, 2011
A quote by poet, artist, activist Justin Thomas La Plante coined, march 27th 2011 on his facebook page and twitter stream.

Know me as I am now for it is the best I am, if I am not here tomorrow.
"If I am not here tomorrow, Remember me today". _Quote, La Plante
by Mr. SnowmanPants March 26, 2011
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