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A piercing through the anal opening and perineum, similar to a Prince Albert, but in the posterior.
No thanks, I'll stand...I just got my Princess Bretton yesterday.
by Mr. Shwizzle June 01, 2010
An asshole that has been fucked. As such, it displays a sunken quality much like that of a sink hole you might find in your backyard.
"What's a good place to get lost in Maine?"

"The photographer's sink hole asshole"
by Mr. Shwizzle October 20, 2009
1. An involuntary utterance signalling an autistic mental traffic jam.

2. An utterance accompanying premature ejaculation.

3. An utterance similar to nheygn with which someone of diminished capacity works themselves up to say something stupid.
"Bleh, I'm not sure if I'm gay or not"

"Bleh, I don't sleep with dudes...so fuck off"

"Bleh, I got some stuff"

"Bleh, those girls totally got romped last night"
by Mr. Shwizzle January 07, 2009
1. verb - to involuntarily ejaculate from a completely flaccid penis.

2. noun - the product of the above action
Adam Smith queefs, Dick Cheney joozes. (in reference to drilling for oil)
by Mr. Shwizzle December 20, 2010
A fucked up occurance brought about by complete and utter incompentence in organizing or otherwise administrating simple every-day situations.
"Stephen pulled a Clinker: he bought a sandwich with his VISA card ten years ago and now has $75,978.34 in credit card debt...no, he didn't buy anything else, just the sandwich"

by Mr. Shwizzle January 07, 2009

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