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Singular: Joo (less common)
Spelled-out pronunciation of "jews", referring to the Jewish people in a jocular manner over the Internet.
Passover is just for the Jooze.
by ttony21 April 20, 2008
Spelled-out prununciation of "Jews"
Used in a jocular way when I-Chatting.
Passover is a holiday for Jooze.
by ttony21 April 19, 2008
1. verb - to involuntarily ejaculate from a completely flaccid penis.

2. noun - the product of the above action
Adam Smith queefs, Dick Cheney joozes. (in reference to drilling for oil)
by Mr. Shwizzle December 20, 2010
unformal combination of juice and ooze, naturally where shouka would originate from
the most common shouka climbed from jooze
by briary August 12, 2006
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