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Singular: Joo (less common)
Spelled-out pronunciation of "jews", referring to the Jewish people in a jocular manner over the Internet.
Passover is just for the Jooze.
by ttony21 April 20, 2008
10 1
Spelled-out prununciation of "Jews"
Used in a jocular way when I-Chatting.
Passover is a holiday for Jooze.
by ttony21 April 19, 2008
5 3
1. verb - to involuntarily ejaculate from a completely flaccid penis.

2. noun - the product of the above action
Adam Smith queefs, Dick Cheney joozes. (in reference to drilling for oil)
by Mr. Shwizzle December 20, 2010
1 2
unformal combination of juice and ooze, naturally where shouka would originate from
the most common shouka climbed from jooze
by briary August 12, 2006
4 5