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(n) 1. Imposter.
2. Fake.
3. Homer Simpson.
Homer: What if people think a guy's a hero, but he was really just lucky?
Magic Johnson: Don't worry. Sooner or later, people like that are exposed as the frauds they are.
by Mr. Roboto December 27, 2004
Right After Fourteen.
Two and a Heif
by Mr. Roboto April 01, 2005
TRUE pronounciation of 'one', According to Group X
Two and a Heif
by Mr. Roboto April 01, 2005
Nickname for Half White, Half Asian Teen.
Sophisticated Pimp
He used babypowder before he pimp slapped that hoe.
by Mr. Roboto March 31, 2005
Badass ass trooper from planetside
ya! come back to ps kaltec! LOD loves you!
by mr. roboto March 22, 2004

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