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A TV personality that is supposed to be an expert on a given subject, but often lacks the credentials and reputation generally required to be successful in their respective fields.
Dr. Phil is such a telectual.
by Mr. Rags September 06, 2005
A Movie personality assumed to have some expertise in a given subject, but who is really just an academic flunky.
Dr. Phil is a really famous Telectual.
by Mr. Rags August 23, 2005
To create or limit, to demarcate. Easily the stupidist word in the English language, unless you count irregardless, which means regardless. Delimit means limit.
I delimited the amount of reading time I partook of each day.
by Mr. Rags September 17, 2005
A generic location which produces Bumble Fucks (A person who displays complete incompetency). A commen phrase for high schools in the middle of nowhere.
#1: Where's that asshole go to school?
#2: Probably Bumble Fuck Prep
by Mr. Rags March 23, 2006
Slang for Rednecks, originates from a mishearing of "These Hicks." Currently used to talk about hicks without them knowing what's going on.
Uh-oh, we've entered D6 territory, check out all the gun racks.
by Mr. Rags September 06, 2005
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