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to get fucked up; Crunk
Nigga, ima go to dis party right herrr and get po'd up fo sho.

I hear dem tallahassee niggas get po'd up all the time.
by Mr. Po'd Up May 01, 2009
a task force compiled of magical weed-smoking umpa lumpa midgets that will come to your house and roll joints for you - some of the fattest, juiciest joints you will ever see. They come without you having to say a word, just the thought of weed and wrapping paper makes them show (it's like they can smell wrapping paper and weed).
"dude did the joint task force already come?"


"Damn man!! I was hoping I'd see them in action"
by Mr. Po'd Up May 01, 2009
to testify against a prostitute; hurting the prostitutes clients by putting her behind bars.
Damn, why'd that nigga have to Prostify on Sally. Now you know we ain't gettin no pussy. shiiit.
by Mr. Po'd Up May 01, 2009
the midgets that comprise the Joint Task Force. Their homeland is magical, their technique is unsurpassed. Where they roam, nobody knows. One can only assume they are not visible to the naked eye (unless they are rolling a joint, of course). They don't speak to humans and if they did, our hearts and brains would explode in utter happiness and excitement (it would be like taking all the weed and acid in the universe and takin it all in at once). Their only known purpose is to roll joints and occassionally a blunt. They are the ying to our yang, the good to our evil, the happiness to our sadness, and so on.
God I love those magical midgets. I wonder how I would feel if they said something to me.

Do not question the magical midgets existence!!! They don't roll to the unenlightened.
by Mr. Po'd Up May 01, 2009

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