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Orgasm-worth moment where a player in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 kills another with a throwing knife. There is no wrong way to kill someone with it; it just happens.
Dude! I just got a throwing knife kill across the map!

Woah! Dude, put that one on Youtube!
by Mr. Owl knows how many licks June 16, 2010
The moment when women (usually teenagers at dance parties) pull up their cups on a strapless dress to keep their boobs from falling out. If you pay close attention, this happens extremely often.
Because Sonia never did a cup-up before she danced, her boobs fell out and everyone stared.
by Mr. Owl Knows how many licks June 11, 2010
the process of using both hands and putting them both down your pants, adjusting yourself from itchiness, discomfort, or sweat.

Different from a regular shag, as a supershag uses both hands, as opposed to only a typical one-handed adjustment.

This action is not preferred when in other people's sight, for it is not nearly as subtle. However, the results are fantastic.
I'm supershaggin right now aw yea oshit someone saw me i think it was tanya oh shit i like tanya but i bet i wont get any with that i should be more careful next time.
by Mr. Owl Knows How Many Licks June 20, 2011
Term for a helpful companion who, in the situation of "nose goes", will touch your nose for you if you are unaware of it happening.

It also applies for "old-school nose goes" where you can tap someone else's nose so that they have to do it, if you're a dick like that.
When Peele started nose goes to see who would throw out everyone's trash, I knew that I had to help Key out, since we were official nose bros. I put my finger on his nose so he wouldn't have to do it.
And we all lived happily ever after as Tosh had to throw everything away. Fuckin' Tosh. You never win.
by Mr. Owl Knows How Many Licks December 02, 2012
an ex-girlfriend that you only really communicated by text or facebook messaging or something
Dude, I saw my tex-girlfriend today for the first time and dayum she's uglay.
by Mr. Owl Knows how many licks July 05, 2010
A woman who likes to have sex with lots of other guys but has a difficult time trying to attract men; one who was never meant to be.
Dude, Michellle is such an a-cup slut, who would ever fuck that whore?
by Mr. Owl Knows How Many Licks July 16, 2011
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