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Pornography involving children. Sick shit. Illegal, but there's a metric assload on LimeWire.
Kiddie porn is fucking sick
by Mr. Cynic June 02, 2005
An anti-depression medication. Fairly effective in treating depression, but it has some bitchin' side effects. Seizures, suicide, excessive sweating, etc.
Don't look at the price or you'll get depressed all over again.
by Mr. Cynic May 30, 2005
Mr. T's catchphrase.
Lil' Jon? I pity the fool.
by Mr. Cynic May 30, 2005
1. To kill your CO. Popular during the Vietnam War.

2. To kill an enemy in an online FPS, popularized by Doom.

3. Short for fregmentation (grenade) .
1. Man, I heard Captain Afflack was fragged last night.

2. I just fragged 3 enemies with my double SMGs, biotch!

3. Hey, toss me a frag, I'm gonna blow this door down
by Mr. Cynic June 24, 2005
The meaningless void between birth and death.
Life's a bitch, and then you die.
by Mr. Cynic May 29, 2005
The cessation of human existence.
Tommy died, and now his body is rotting in the ground.
by Mr. Cynic May 29, 2005
see butthole. Merry likes to lick Pippins hobbit hole.
Oy! Merry, lick me hobbit hole!
by Mr. Cynic July 13, 2005
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