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The act of giving a rim job with a Frozen dessert. Such as Italian Ice, Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, or Gelato.
Usually performed by a woman over the age of 45.
Grandson- "Hey I was at my grandma's house and I walked in on her and her neighbor Performing a Fancy Nancy"

Dad- " You're grandmother is a whore son"
by Mr. Creeps September 20, 2010
Usually an Italian, a frat master and good at tennis
"Dude that kid is a Lanzetta if I ever saw one!"
by Mr. Creeps September 15, 2010
During the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, in a protest against Mubarak, this is a form of armor used. Very vulnerable to seagulls and other birds. Also when a middle eastern man forces sexual intercourse on a bakers daughter.
Greg- "I hear Ahab the Arab uses an Egyptian Bread Helmet.."

Bill- "You hear a lot of stupid shit..."
by Mr. Creeps March 06, 2011
The best restaurant in Alabama, wings, cheese fries, and other bar-food served. Gives you a massive case of the shits.
Bro- "Lets hit up Baumhowers tonight"

Frat-" aw hell yea"
by Mr. Creeps September 19, 2010
The clothing that a Frat star would wear, mainly southern marsh, Gay harvey, aftco, and pfg's.
Frat 1 " I went to kinnucans today and restocked my wardrobe"

Frat 2 " I hear they have a fine selection of Frattire"
by Mr. Creeps September 19, 2010

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