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5 definitions by Mr. Comcastic

To take a dump on a regularly scheduled time of day, over and over again. To have one's bowel on a timer.
"Dude, I ate a classic chicken sandwich last night at eight. I'll need to drop a solsk in 45 minutes."
by Mr. Comcastic May 05, 2010
In a moment of boredom, going "Balls Out" refers to the act of removing one's testicles from one's pants and placing them on a random object in a public place. Can be used as a great photo opportunity.
"Dude, I'm so bored. Let's go to the variety store and go Balls Out on the nachos!"
by Mr. Comcastic May 05, 2010
A person with the mental or social skills of a lesser or equal to a fly's larva. A yappy, mouthy little bugger who has no idea that he annoys the rest of his peers with his constant yammering.
Oh my god!! Jay is the biggest mental maggot I have ever had to listen to! Can he EVER shut the hell up?!
by Mr. Comcastic August 25, 2010
A customer service agent that must take irate customer abuse day after day with no option to stand up for oneself. A self-hating SOB in a dea-end job with little or no other employment options.
Aaron is such a phone prag. I hope he gets out of that hell-hole soon. He's gonna' wither and die in there!
by Mr. Comcastic August 25, 2010
A small-impact statement describing the mental/social prowess (or lack thereof) of an individual.
Jason is a complete Dill Knot!! Can you believe how loud he yaps ALL DAY LONG??!!
by Mr. Comcastic August 25, 2010