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Prison term given for capital offenses instead of the death penalty. It is forty years without the possibility of parole.
Billy Bob could've fried for what he'd done but the judge gave him a Hard-40 instead. He'll be up for parole around 2046.
by Mr. Chips April 19, 2006
One Invitro fertization procedure entails inserting a five day old embryo (Blastocyst) with a fancy turkey baster into the womb of a prospective mama. When the hopeful mama arrives home she tells her other children that they are going to be getting a Blastosis.
Mama sez our Blastosis is going to look like Lindsay Lohan.
by Mr. Chips April 20, 2006
When they take stem cells from from your brothers umbilical cord and inject them into another embryo as part of an invitro fertilization process. Not so experimental anymore.
Yo man. Is Kevin Costner really you're cord bro?
by Mr. Chips May 01, 2006
After a woman has a mastectomy the first part of reconstructive surgery is to tattoo a flesh colored nipple in the area that the former nipple resided.
My Mother-In-Law just got her tatnip for her recon boob.
by Mr. Chips April 19, 2006
Acronym for Methinks She Doth Protest Too Much!!! Paraphrased from the Hamlet snippet "The Lady Doth Protest Too Much Methinks." To be used when you catch a beeyatch backtracking and gaming way too much too cover their dirty deeds.
Shelly had her friend ring up her boyfriend from her work phone at 4:20 pm and not leave a message while she was out hoeing a row.

by Mr. Chips May 01, 2006
When a ho sleeps with you to collect your spoo and then visits a spa or clinic to have your seed vacuumed out and given to another gal who wants to have your child without you knowing it. Also known as a collection agent in the pro ho biz.
A vacuum ho is one more good reason to wear a raincoat.
by Mr. Chips April 19, 2006
A compound word consisting of two religious symbols. Bo represents the Bodhi tree that Buddha sat under in meditation before setting out on his travels. While Gina is St. James Bond code for the Jainsian concept of Jina. The word Jain is derived from Jina, which literally means "the Victor" or "the Liberator". One who has freed himself/herself from the bondage of Karma by conquering räga (attachment - deceit and greed) & dvesha (aversion - anger and ego). People who follow the teachings of Jina are called Jains. Thus, this word (bogina) came into being in the late 15th century and represents a blending of two religions with similar roots and philosophies (Buddhism and Jainism). This is akin to the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches which share similar origins and traditions and suufered a similar rift during the Great Schism of 1054. Sort of a parallel universe between East and West represented over 500 years time.
A bogina represents a healing process where major religions can find common ground in finding ways to work together.
by Mr. Chips April 18, 2006

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