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1)Playing online games, while downloading porn simultaneously

2)When a younger/older sibling is downloading porn while you are enagaged in online gaming
"ahhh FUCK porn lag...Em stop downloading porn"
by Mr. Bojangles January 14, 2005
After having sex with a blonde girl, putting 2 fingers in her butt, then rub it in her hair, making a part darker.
Frank "Dude, I so gave that dumb bitch a dirty morgan"
by Mr. Bojangles November 29, 2004
a word to be used at any time, for any reason just to say something
(akward silence)...
you shout bingo!!!
(everyone looks at you in utter puzzlement and wonders what the hell that was about, since you really don't know why you said it either, you shrug your shoulders and smile stupidly)
by Mr. Bojangles February 11, 2004
A made up theory of how weather affects a certain part of a city in washington state called the lakes region, BTW which shouldnt be called the lakes region at all because there is only 1 "so called lake" and its as big as my swimming pool!!!!!
The Lake Affect dumped 15 inches of snow on the lakes region, while 5 miles away there was none.
by Mr. Bojangles December 31, 2003
v. to steal, acquire, pilfer, snatch, swipe, or otherwise take subversively.
That guy bojangled my wallet!
by Mr. Bojangles July 21, 2004
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