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An alpha female that intentionally or unintentionally turns a beta male into her bitch. It usually occurs when a guy is attracted to the woman, but she is not attracted to him except as “just a friend”. In this situation if the woman asks the man to do a favor for her he will be glad to do it because he is still attracted to her. The woman continues to ask him to do more and more “favors” for her and he eventually basically becomes her lackey or her bitch. This is a very beneficial situation for the woman because she can use him to do things like running errands or waxing her car, but she is doesn’t have to do anything for him.
Girl 1: That guy follows Niranjana around like a puppy and does anything she says. What’s up with that?

Girl 2: Niranjana is a bitchmaker and he is one of her bitches.
#alpha female #beta male #just friends #bitch #dancing monkey
by Mr. Bickle August 31, 2010
An acronym for Oh My Goddess. Used to express surprise. It is most commonly used by guys to express surprise when they see a stunningly beautiful woman that they consider to be a Goddess.
OMGss Niranjana looks amazing!
#omg #goddess #amazing #incredible #unbelievable
by Mr. Bickle August 25, 2010
A person of Tamil ethnicity who exerts controlling or mesmeric influence on another person which enables them to completely dominate the other person.
George: Who is that gorgeous Tamil woman?
Jerry: Her name is Niranjana.
George: Why do you allow her to totally dominate you?
Jerry: I can’t resist her, it’s like she has a mental hold on me.
George: She’s a svenkolly!
#svengali #svenjolly #mind control #manipulate #tamil
by Mr. Bickle March 23, 2011
An irresistibly attractive woman from India, or of Indian ethnicity, who has both intelligence and sex appeal and uses these attributes to manipulate poor men into doing what she wants.
Niranjana is a femmdian fatale.
#femme fatale #siren #enchantress #bitchmaker #temptress #svenkolly
by Mr. Bickle April 11, 2011
A beautiful intelligent woman that can train men and make them obedient to her. Men instinctively respond to her natural dominance and want to please her because she is so beautiful.
Niranjana is a man whisperer
#man eater #bitchmaker #femme fatale #bos #hbic
by Mr. Bickle May 02, 2012
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