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a pimp
He manages a whole bunch of hookers in the red light district - he's a bigtime whorelord.
by Mr Tango Jones August 25, 2010
adj. delicious (referring specifically to a dish made with eggs)
Mmmm-mm! Man, what an omelette - that was chickenembryolicious!
by Mr Tango Jones August 25, 2010
To scrounge for coins, pens, or or other small objects typically found under the cushions and/or inside the gaps of a couch or chair.
JOHN: Hey Pete, you gotta extra fifty cents for a small pizza?

PETE: I think so, lemme just lift a cushion here and do a little couch mining for change.
by Mr Tango Jones February 02, 2010
n. various notes, ideas, sketches, etc. jotted down in a random and disorderly manner
While waiting for the next train, I was jotting down stuff in my notebook, such as a grocery list, song ideas, happy faces, and other mind graffiti.
by Mr Tango Jones January 10, 2010
n. someone who is mischievous
The kids were running around the backyard, screaming and laughing and behaving like a bunch of little mischievites.
by Mr Tango Jones August 25, 2010
The unborn child of a redneck. Word is a combined form of 'bumpkin' and 'fetus'.
Lordy, y'all hear Fanny Mae's six months pregnant with another bumpkitus? That'll be another child of a redneck!
by Mr Tango Jones November 20, 2009
Nickname for mussels, a shellfish (specifically a mollusc) with a vaguely jaundiced and vaginal appearance, and a taste and smell not dissimilar to quif.
"Aargh matey, we be fishin' fer cuntfish - the twats o'the sea! Yeller as a smackhead 'n' smellin' like quif! AAARGH!"
by Mr Tango Jones November 19, 2009
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