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not much to say really apart that it's a pain and uses a code name=Kriss Bailey
you got some evil gonorea joanna!
by Mr Dallywoo September 29, 2004
The meaning of B*L*I*N*G, or just a stoopid teacher from a local skool with a smile to awaken the dead!
"Have ya seen that DALLYWOO!" - look at that smile.
by Mr Dallywoo September 24, 2004
A tight arsed demon that can't handle any type of situations other than by demonizing. Also a sort of excrement that you can find coming from 'farts'. a Little shit particle that floats around in the air after blowing wind.
"Particle man, particle man, doing the things a particle can!"
"also know in Swedish as "fan du""
by Mr Dallywoo September 24, 2004

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