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the frist class ticket out of reality.
your only freedom after marrige
by Mr M December 10, 2004
A person born/living in the Co. Cavan, the best fucken county in Ireland
Full of beautiful, sound, warm hearted and generous people and considered to be the best dame beer drinkers out of all Ireland! Cavan people are envied by all surrounding counties; also Cavan males have huge manhood’s which is envied by surrounding counties (like those wankers in Roscommon who have tiny peepers!)
Hello Im from 'cavan', ...so fuck off you scumbag of an inferior county!
by Mr M March 21, 2005
the best country in the world until the white man came and ruined it all for the natives.kiill ever1 except sri lankans pls indians
there is fucking civil war because of that shit does anyone realise that.
by Mr M December 10, 2004
Originally derived from the word Mastodon, this term describes an enormous penis.
Bob: Fuck man it was a total slayfest last night
Me: Shit Bobs got that Mastodong!
by Mr m December 18, 2013
Cahos is something man hope never to see in his life time but its too late now that bush is in power again, he'll seee it every day.
The Iraq War

War on terror
by Mr M January 14, 2005
a country that shold have been lef alone but those two ashole country's have to go and ruin it for the people and plant seeds for new terorists. its an okay country why turn it into a fuked up hellhole.
people die every day
by Mr M December 10, 2004

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