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number that has become widely known to emo kids to have much to do with love. Originated in the 1995 movie "Empire Records" where one character must tell the other he has feelings for her at exactly 1:37PM
A.J.: "By 12...12 or 1"
A.J.: "By 1:37 Exactly Joe"
Joe: "well good Luck"

(beep, beep, beep)oh, its 137
"I love you {insert significant other's name here}
by Mouse December 29, 2003
Nga is a very popular vietnamese name. But it sounds like complete nonsense to someone who does not have a vietnamese accent. Many girls named Nga are quite beautiful but be weary, ask how she pronounces it or she might become offended and curse you in vietnamese.
Nga is a very nice girl. Nga is a complete twat. Nga is very aggressive.
by mouse March 17, 2005
A notebook in which one that claims to be emo writes in. Often about his or her friends, enemies and activities involving girlfriend or boyfriend.
The kid might be emo, but someone tried to walk off with his emolog and got the shit kicked out of them.
by Mouse December 20, 2003
A word originally coined by the poster known as "Spamcan" at the now defunct AGB forums (www.advancegb.com) when angry at another member's "new age" ideology. It is normally said in a derogatory fashion of some sort, although it has been used in a more affectionate manner.

1.One who engages or believes in earth based spirituality or pacifistic drug based philosophies as part of a larger social counterculture with a basis relating to religion, health or politics often leading to socially unacceptable and potentially dangerous practices.

2.One who exploits a person meeting the requirements of definition #1 for personal gain or financial profit.
The wikkie hippan genus includes (but is not limited to): druggies, hippies, vegans, wikkans, ultra-liberals, communists, and Canadians.

1.(Definition 1) "If I have to hear another tree-hugging veggie-fuck wikkie hippan tell me how poor my lifestyle is, I'm gonna go postal!"

2. (Definition 1)
Person 1: "So I passed another <anti-war/pro-choice/animal-rights/pro-marijuana> rally on my way to work today."
Person 2: "Yeah, those god-damned wikkie hippans are at it again."

3.(Definition 2) "I can't believe McDonalds created an Atkins menu. Those freaking wikkie hippans!"
by Mouse March 27, 2005
A big preppy bitchy cheerleader who things she's better then everyone!
O look here comes the giidy bitches lets all throw shit @ them!
by Mouse December 03, 2003
When some one is being a bitch or a Prick you say that!
Who the hell pissed in ur cereal
by Mouse December 03, 2003
a media work, written or recorded, that depicts sex and gore in such nasueating levels that only a necrophiliac would enjoy it. hence, murderporn.
I saw sin city last night, it was murder porn.
by mouse May 08, 2005
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