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1.To describe any sexual or non-sexual action performed whilst extremely inebriated.
Alt: Flib my/your Nibber. Flib his/her Nibber.
1. Man, I am wasted. I'm going upstairs and Flib the Nibber.(go to bed and/or masturbate)
2. My mechanic told me that he had to Flib the Nibber on my bike and I'ts been working fine since.
1. I saw this fine chick at the store and instead of talking to her I went home and Flibbled my Nibber.
2. Did you see that girls trunk? I'd like to Flib her Nibber!
by Mothanatus September 19, 2008
To allow your home to go into forclosure because your adjustable-rate loan interest rate balloons your payment into an amount that you cannot afford.
"My mortgage statement came in today and my payment has went up $400. There is no way in hell I can pay that. I guess it's time to throw in the keys!"
by Mothanatus March 23, 2008

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