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Fucking Late Irish Bastard. A male of Irish descent who is consistently late for work or pressing social engagements.
My friend is a Flip and I am a Flib. He is Filipino and I am a fucking late Irish bastard.
by Flibbity Flibber June 14, 2008
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The word "flibs" was made in 2014 as a portmanteau of the words fucking and liberties.
Rob called Nathan a stupid fucking cunt. Dean said 'Rob you're taking flibs'
by Bomax January 24, 2015
Fucking Long Island Boy
A F.L.I.B. is a type of boy who live on Long Island in NY. He has tatoos, wears gold chains, flat brimmed Yankee hat, and dress and act all big and bad...until he ends up in the ER/hospital and is crying like a baby for his mother.
by ER Doc April 18, 2011
The simultaneous male reaction to sudden surprise or shock involving male genitalia to feel like it is retracting up and into one's stomach.
"Dude, I flibbed when I almost pulled out in front of that motorcyclist going 4o mi/hr!"

"Oh, and by the way, I have herpes!" *FLIB*
by Jake&Nate August 18, 2008
Flib comes from the Irish word 'flibrofropy' It means "to disenct and eat ones own house-pet and have wine for a drink."
My, that is a wonderful flib party we attended.
by Darryl March 17, 2005
to have hot,dirty, sex on a counter top.
damn, i gave her a good flib last night at my grandpa's house.
by mannery December 20, 2007

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