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A player, usually someone who has a new hook up or fuck buddy every single day. He will cheat on his girlfriend without her knowledge.
That guy is such a Freeborn! He hooked up with Sandy last week and is hooking up with Katrina this week!

That Freeborn told me cheating was no big deal! What a Freeborn!
by Mosolicious December 03, 2010
Pool moms are at the pool every single day in the summer. They take their kids with them, but obviously use them as an excuse to go to the pool and socialize with other pool moms. Any child who's mother is not part of the pool mom clique is basically a bad child. Any mom not part of the pool mom clique is a horrible parent and the target of gossip. That's all pool mom's do. They gossip about everyone else. Not only that, they have self-designated spots at the pool. If those spots are taken, they cause drama.

Pool moms are usually 40-somethings that act like 20-somethings. They have fake tans but continue to sit in the sun and tan. They are even more cliquey than high school students. They don't have friends; they have frienemies. They're in constant competition with other pool moms. They belong in LA, not in small community pools.
Pool Mom #1: You know what bothers me? When people KNOW I've been sitting in the same spot every summer for five years and they go and take that spot from me.

Pool Mom #2: I agree. That's just rude. They need to realize who sits where.

Pool Mom: MY child is so amazing at soccer. He's the best one on the team.
by Mosolicious June 23, 2010

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