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4 definitions by MortyMort

To literally Take someones ballsack and sniff the contents.
Yo Bra, I got to do a Ball sniff be right back.
by MortyMort June 17, 2008
4 3
karl petter means "a man with a big penis".
when someone see a man with a big penis they say: you are like karl petter!!
by mortymort October 28, 2013
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A Crazy Mother Fucker who Runs around like a lunatic. Comes Straight out of Compton. Is One who likes to Go Crazy and has no regard for anything at all. Likes to be the insane party king.
Theres someone pulling a bixer or Damn he looks like a bixler.
by MortyMort June 17, 2008
5 10
When Somes Asshole falls out of there ass.
Holy Shit I just had an Anal blast, Fuck!
by MortyMort June 17, 2008
2 10