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3 definitions by Morpha's Tox Box

Something almost everyone gets at one time or another. It's most common in adolescents who are going through puberty, and is due to the abundance of hormones flowing through their bodies. Usually it starts in early teens and ends in the early to late twenties, occasionally it will extend past thirty and sometimes even into someones forties or fifties.

Acne is not due to dirt, oily foods, or chocolate/sugar. Milk has been linked to increase in acne, however. Stress/anger can cause hormonal changes which can cause acne. Excessive touching of the face is also a bad idea. Genetics also play a key role.

Washing ones face will help, however people who have acne don't necessarily not wash their faces. If the case is especially serious, one should consult a doctor to be put on an anti-acne drug. Common ones include: Erythromycin, tetracycline, and clindamycin.
Bobby has had acne since he was 12. He's on a topical, and oral solution. He visits a dermatologist every two months. He still gets acne though, i'm glad i don't have his gene pool.
by Morpha's Tox Box July 03, 2011
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To literally go insane, usually accompanied by flailing arms, incomprehensible gurgling noises and a crazed look.
Did you see that guy going down the residential area at 110 mph? He went through someones fucking lawn, THEIR GODDAMN LAWN AND THROUGH THE FENCE TOO. God, then he got to the orphanage, it was a massacre. I tell ya man, he was going ape shit.
by Morpha's Tox Box July 02, 2011
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Something that sounds nice, but ends up sucking when you actually try it out because humans are goddamn corrupt bastards.
Oh boy, i can't wait to start up a nation of communism <3, EVERYONE WILL SHARE AND ALL WILL BE PEACEFUL AND PONIES AND FLOWERS AND AND AND <3!!!

Five months later: ...OH FUCK
by Morpha's Tox Box July 02, 2011
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