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A confused look, with a rounded mouth like a guppy fish, often found when brain not functioning well enough to make facial expressions.
Well, whats your answer fishface?!!
by Morgo April 30, 2006
State aquired after drinking loads of Lizard Juice in a bar, when you look up, see where you want to go, get up, find yourself angling forwards, and scurry to your destination in a staight line disregarding any objects or people in your way.
Fuck me, look at the lizard legs on that guy!
by Morgo April 30, 2006
This happens when you have had lots of beer and try to tell someone you have had a skinfull but it all comes out wrong!!!
Sorry mate, i cant make it out tonight, i had a finskull this afternoon at the pub!!
by Morgo April 30, 2006
Someone who has had a few beers, says something, and mysteriously someone else repeats what they have said without knowing they have done it.
What do you think i am, a trenviloquist or something?!!!
by Morgo April 30, 2006
Someone who has just sucked on a lemon, just been stung on the lips by a wasp or just misunderstood what someone said.
Hey whats the wasplips for?
by Morgo April 30, 2006

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