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2 definitions by Morgannn

Someone who has a lot of friends. Not all popular people are bitchy mean and stupid. A person can be popular within their own group not only the entire school. A person can be popular for many different reasons and it's not fair to judge them because a lot of people like and respect them. You don't have to be pretty to be popular, but that does help with the opposite sex. However, Then you have the people who have a lot of "friends" because they are intimidating and/or mean and people are scared of them. Usually these kind of people aren't actually liked but people are "friends" with them so they don't get made fun of. This isn't is as common as is portrayed in movies, this website , tv shows ect. Usually popular people are popular because they have the good qualities people look for in a friend.
Laura is so nice and funny, no wonder she is so popular.
by Morgannn January 13, 2006
An extremely talented rapper. Straying from what has become the norm of "rap" today (pimps, hoes, money, guns, drugs ect. )His raps are creative, passionate and unique. Basically the only white rapper to actually make it big in this mostly black industy.
Eminem's style of rapping is incredible,
he is a genuis.
by Morgannn March 30, 2006