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While intoxicated and engaging in the act of vagina intercourse from behind (aka "Doggiestyle"), the penis, while being forcefully moved in and out of the vagina "accidentally" slips out and is subsequently slammed into the anus of the unsuspecting partner.
Pete: Man, last night I was so wasted I accidentally gave Gina the Drunken Carpenter.

Steve: Was she pissed?

Pete: She was when she woke up.
by Morgan Candlelight December 14, 2009
This is the term most commonly used to describe the act of swiftly pulling your penis out of your partners rectum, thus causing the inner tissue to "bloom" outward; producing what appears to be a flesh colored flower blooming from the anus
How was your time in prison?

It wasn't too bad except for the day Bubba gave me a blooming flower after dropping the soap.
by Morgan Candlelight April 10, 2009
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