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Boring suburban hellhole north of Columbus,Ohio bordering I270. Cookie cutter town full of white picket fences, look-a-like houses, and ridiculous zoning laws. Can be confused with a 1950's televison show at times. What it lacks in diversity it makes up in snobby people who claim to be liberals. Not as rich as Dublin but wealthier than Westerville. Teenagers call it Wo-Town.
Chris: Where are you from?
Bobby: I'm from Worthington,Ohio!
Chris: Interesting....I'm from Reynoldsburg.
Bobby: Eww.
by MooseMan July 21, 2005
A man who runs from room to room whilst being chased by another man to the Benny Hill theme song in a non-erotic way.
Trevor just shuetted with Alex!
#shuett #douchbag #trevor #broman #alex
by Mooseman October 20, 2012
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