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America's most trusted fascist news scource! Next to the people of the Fo network, The Onion pales in comparison to their comletely un-biased and uncensored facts about the completely truthful stories they cover!
Bill O'Reilly- I believe President Bush was a great man, and that Clinton is a lame-ass pussy. -from the Fox News Network-
by Moopzoo October 04, 2010
1. The generic term for all things. Can be used as a noun, verb, ajdective, ect.

2. A great game involving Squapping.
Oh hey man, yesterday I squapped a squap with a squapper, while squapping the squappitty squap squap. Squap.
by Moopzoo July 19, 2010
A blowjob while takin a crap

See: aw man what the hell is wrong with you
(Fat Bastard) ooh that was a mighty fine splunchkin
by Moopzoo September 01, 2010
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