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to express distaste, disgust, or general discontent with an object, situation or idea.
Yo lets take shots!
NEEEE dude I'm already wasted.

(Walking and it begins to rain)
NEE, the rain is going to ruin my new leather jacket!
by MoonGlowLunarFeline July 11, 2009
An expression used to signify or express potent awesome-ness, of a caliber far exceeding "good," "great," "excellent," or any other mediocre expressions of approval.
(Upon arriving at the Grand Canyon)
"WOW, This Shit is Plasma, dude I've never seen anything like it."

(While busting out some dirty dance moves)
"Look at me go, This Shit is SO Plasma"

(Upon receiving your Brand New 90 inch LCD Screen TV)
by MoonGlowLunarFeline July 12, 2009

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