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Alternative to; 'lolbiscuits'

See; lolbiscuits, roflcopter and lolerskates

Translation: I am a retard, please kill me slowly.
by Moola February 21, 2005
A rare curse word. Used when one makes a mistake.

See; Arse.
Person1: *dropds rare Vase*
Person1: "Arsecakes!"
by Moola February 21, 2005
See: lolerskates

An alternative to: 'lolerskates'
Which is an alternative to: lol (Laughing out Loud)
Person1: ROFL OMGAWD I PUNT TEH GNOEMES!!!11 (Humorous statement)

Person2: lolbiscuits! (Expressing joy at humorous statement)
by Moola February 21, 2005
Short for Paladin, ALSO used in the online Roleplaying game; World of Warcraft.
by Moola February 21, 2005
Short for Newb Druid. An insult reserved for Druids.

See; noobelf.
wtf! Why didn't you use entangle you noobdrood!
by Moola February 21, 2005
Gnomed; to be Owned by a Gnome.

See; Owned.
*Gnome Warrior hits you for 987 points of melee damage*
*You die*

Person2: LOL! u got GNOMED!11
by Moola February 22, 2005
Used to state that a small rodent is dead.
somtimes used to insult the mother of a large Duck, though rarely.
Example 1: That rat is lolerskates man...

Example 2: Yo Duck! Yo mamma is such lolerskates man!
by Moola February 22, 2005

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