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Collective term for the twat subculture present in today's society. Coined from the word Glitterati.

Twaterati can also include other low intellect groups such as Chavs, Rednecks, Skangers & Hicks etc.

Anyone who sends text messages to TwatTV shows like 'Big Brother' and 'Celebrity Love Island' is a member of the twaterati.

The peasant underclass who have no mind of their own and follow the hype presented by the media into the cult of Z-list celebrity.
Hey, did you watch Big Brother last night?
No dude, that show's only for the twaterati!
by Moofer May 17, 2005
commonly used term to cover the fact you are a grown woman going to or talking about twilight.
I am sorry I cannot attend your business mixer on Thursday night. I will am going to Bedford to visit some friends.

I wonder if that guy will go all Bedford on me.

This meeting is over. I have a call to discuss new developments in Bedford.
by moofer November 16, 2012
Noun-Kick ass support orientated warriors with lances that jump and make the bad guys fall down.

Verb- To go crazy wasabi on someone and totally give pwnage.

Adjective- yesplsthxforurmunny.gov
Wow look at that Dragoon go....he missed and broke his legs...

DAMN he just went dragoon on his ass and took him down!
by Moofer September 02, 2003

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