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A short hand expression for stealthily stating that something excites you so much that you achieved an erection, or "Set my Dick on Hard". This is a thinly veiled reference to a Star Trek phaser where a person could set different power levels for that weapon, with kill being the highest setting. Settings one's dick on hard would be the highest level of excitement a person could generate via their phallus.
Matt: Did you see the picture on that new 1080p Plasma TV I bought?
Steve: Fuck yeah dude, that thing set my D on H.
by Monster55 August 01, 2011
Texas Reverse Piss: The act of stretching one's penis around their waist in order to piss behind themselves. This is a maneuver typically only achievable by those with a larger than average penis.
Joshua: Did you see Adam pull off that Texas Reverse Piss?

Wesley: That dude standing behind him didn't see it coming!
by Monster55 July 26, 2011

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