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natalie procter

she deserved to be sacrificed with the blood daggers of the unholy warps demons until she is drained from all her intrestrial powers of the mighty O-Demon himself
dumass cuban actually went out with hellspawn
by Monkeyshiner January 22, 2004
the state of realizing your screwed while studying for exams

state of realizing you've just spent all your money on stuffed bunnies who will come alive and eat your brains
sonova.....i justed cramminspammed....
by Monkeyshiner January 22, 2004
super flyin monkeys that eat your heart out and then sacrifice your dead lifless corpse to the evil gods of maniacism, if you see these monkeys, beware of the ferrets of deat & destruction
Beware the FLEAB!!
by Monkeyshiner January 22, 2004
the type of pants you wear when you need to eat pie and you want to chase dorathy and todo around
Im so high i feel like mr. honkeypants
by Monkeyshiner January 22, 2004
great many uses like for getting rid of those pesky zombies, or just getting rid of sum 1 u hate
by monkeyshiner April 08, 2004

girl, i wanna hit yo iceberg and go down on you like the titanic

girl, i wanna get in yo porch an ring yo bell

baby, i wanna open you window and let some fresh air in

baby, i wanna open up yo fidge, and make me a samich

girl, i wanna knock down yo dam, and watch yo river flow
haha ill ad mo later
by monkeyshiner April 07, 2004
excretion in any type of headgear

when your beeing chased by evil things
crap in a hat
by Monkeyshiner January 22, 2004
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