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A term used to describe the pungent smelling arse hole of a homosexual; after being anally harrassed by a small penis with an aggressive yeast infection.
"David Furnish couldnt help but enjoy the rancid taste of Elton's onion ring."

"You cant beat a good deep fried Onion Ring"
by Monkey08 March 12, 2008
Term given by ICT Technicians to boys with rather large genitals.
"Have you got your enormous sandwich out again?"

by Monkey08 March 14, 2008
A majority black gang bang, the whites giving the head and the blacks cummin up the rear.

"Crikey I did'nt half enjoy that Guiness last night"

"Nothing like a nice Guiness, good for the heart"
by Monkey08 March 13, 2008
Cock, Fanny, Tits and Balls. A full meatylicious combo.

"Cor you should of seen me tuckin into this mixed grill last night, he had a bit of everythin!"
by monkey08 March 12, 2008
That secret bit of fanny your dad has on the sly when your mums not in the mood. Only Later to shove his leftover greasy bone in your mums recepticle when she's pekish for a bit of spicy meat, with extra mayo.

"Its finger licking good"
"My dad thought he'd give my mum a break so he went for a mums night off bucket"

"After procrastinating with his mums night off bucket, ted when back to his wife's wicked zinger."

by Monkey08 March 13, 2008
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