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Pertains to a human or animal with extremities located at the end their arms which have a frizzy, fluffy, or frayed texture and appearance.
Monkey: Why are you so interested in my fuzzy hands??
by Monkey.Boy July 31, 2011
A phrase used when one experiences a pleasant oflactory stimulus, intended for either a serious or comical effect.
Pet monkey: (sniffs master) Smells so good!
by Monkey.Boy July 30, 2011
A phrase used to express one's confusion and also request an explanation for an unfamiliar situation.
Monkey (after being inappropriately manhandled): What going on?
by Monkey.Boy August 28, 2011
To express one's distress after being praised and/or inappropriately fondled.
Monkey: (after having his hands sniffed) What going on? They're just monkey fuzzy hands! They're not much!
by Monkey.Boy February 26, 2012
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