2 definitions by Monkey-Turtle

To completely fuck something up. To completely own something. If something is Fritzled, it has essentially been locked in a basement and destroyed for a couple of decades.
Man, I Friztled that test.

- I'm downloading five things plus Windows updates as well as MSN, Facebook and Youtube. And in the other room my sister's downloading more stuff and is on Facebook and Youtube. And Dad's doing work emails. All on the same connection.
- And it hasn't Fritzled itself yet? You have awesome internet.

Dad just found out I've been going to all those parties... my social life is now Friztled.
by Monkey-Turtle February 14, 2010
A girl who gives guys advice on what girls like, particularly to help them with relationship problems.
Guy 1: Dude, Rachael just told me exactly how I can win Rebecca back!
Guy 2: Yeah man, Rachael's a total Chictionary.
by Monkey-Turtle April 17, 2009

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