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Scum of the earth. Wannabee Prostitutes.
Fight starting, ugly, peices of shite.
usually chewing gum, txting aswell, short skirts, high boots (pink, fluffy or both)*shudder*
greased back, greasy, straitened, permed, shat on, hair. Fake nails and too much lip gloss so it looks like they had plastic surgery in all the WRONG places. Usually covered in spots from eating at McDonalds everyday. The enemies of grungers(the cool interesting funny people)and goths.
allies of chavs (male version)
Both have an IQ similar to their shoe size.
i could go on but i wd bore ya.
Grungers: not much.
Townies supported by chavs: U wanna start a fight do ya?
Grungers: not really...
Townies an Chavs: Scared are ya?
Grungers: Of you...no. Of your face...yes.
Chavs: Right thats it.
*chavs try to knock out grungers. Miss and end up hitting another chav on the other side, swear and then run, as the grungers are prepared to fight back. And win. As they usually do.*
This usually happens everyday in town, or around town.
a comical way to say i dont know or i dunno.
what time do we have to go to band practice?
i dunoo!
A dude called bob who is immensly evil. That is why we call him evil bob.
Frekin Dude:Hey bob
bob: mwa ha ha ha i juss made a puppy eat its own shite and then killed it!
Frekin dude: that is freakin evil!
bob: i know
A word wich describes something as something. For example...
i love cheese immensly!
u are immense dude!
you are immensly evil, bob.
Doag:hey dude
Doag:not much rag.
Rag: hey guess what?! i got tickets to the ballay!
Doag: immense dude, immense.
the american way of saying bob.
hey boab
who the fuck is boab?
you boab!
oh rite i get it you are american rite?
yeah and?
dont matter.
*/stifles a giggle/*

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