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This site is full of shit. I read on their site that weed makes you feel bad. It also said that riding in a car with someone who is high on weed is just like riding in a car with someone who is drunk. NOT TRUE. Weed doesnt fuck with your vision at all. The only thing weed does to you is MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD!!! In my opinion, you have to try smoking weed at least once before you can tear it down.
go to www.freevibe.com and look at all the bullshit info they have. Its too bad that people are stupid and will believe whatever these fucking idiots say.
by Monkey Rage January 10, 2005
This is when police hurt an innocent person for no reason at all.
In December 17, 1997 two police officers killed a black motorist. The 31 year old Johnny Gammage died of compression to the neck or chest as the police officers pushed him face down on the pavement of the highway. The police did this for no reason at all. And of course they did this to him intentionally because this happened at night when no one else was around. Plus those officers walked off free. Yes if you didnt know the story that you just read is TRUE!
by Monkey Rage February 21, 2004

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