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A complete numpty who is too stupid and inept to realise just how stupid and inept he really is. Also thinks he's a bit clever - usually a bit of a slap-head as well...
That Ian Duncan-Smith, bit of a potatohead i'nt he?
by monk September 08, 2003
A Harrm is a homosexual animal most commonly found in the northern regions of New England.
"Hey, look at that Harrm! It's really homosexual!"
by Monk December 21, 2004
Not the same as nevermind.
"You what? Ne'ermind..."
by Monk December 21, 2004
a beverage with caffeine. A replacement for sleep.
Man.. I only got 4 hours last night. But I've got a can of liquid sleep right 'nar to take care for that.
by monk October 21, 2003
A platypus with stark paranoia. Most commonly found in the regions somewhat close, but not limited to, Bethesda, Maryland. Also an awesome.
"About as awesome as a Paranoiatypus."
by Monk December 21, 2004
The absolute pinnacle of awesome; also a euphemism.
"Now that's chronodank right there!"
by Monk December 21, 2004
The distinctive crack in a boy/man's voice when talking. Usually during the period while the voice is breaking.
by monk November 06, 2003
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