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Some asswipe on GTAForums named JRaff121 that likes licking peanuts off his car's floor.
"Look at JRaff - he's being normal today."
by Momsonette October 05, 2004
A mysterious man that goes to GTA Forums.
Look at Dom, that young child is flying a remote controlled airplane! Spank him!
by Momsonette October 05, 2004
A cat's rectal area
"Boy, that kid and his RC plane- they must be havin a great catplugish day"
by Momsonette March 30, 2004
A guy with hyperactive spamming problems, who likes Vice City but cannot snowboard because he lives in North Carolina. See Catplug
My God, He's being quite the Quiksilver today
by Momsonette April 17, 2004
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