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A poon moon occurs when a woman purposefully flashes her vagina at someone. This is usually a joke, not an invitation for sex.
That little bitch thought she had me when she showed her ass, but I retaliated with a poon moon, and we both know who won that war!

The guys at work are always flashing their balls, and since I don't have them I joined in with a poon moon!
by Moltov Cocktease August 11, 2010
This refers to the sensation one experiences when taking a massive dump that feels as if it is ripping your bunghole in twain.
Whew! I just spent an hour shurtin due to my high-fiber diet!
by Moltov Cocktease May 11, 2010
The act of taking your cock and "blessing" a girl (or guy) with the tip in a cross formation on the forehead. You need some precum to do this properly.
Katy: Did you and Fidy role play last night?
Jules: Yep! He dresed up as a priest and gave me Cummunion. It was hot!
Katy: Blessed are the sinners...
by Moltov Cocktease May 20, 2010

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